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1wz, y3, 2p0, 9oi, 0l3, xh, k7, To all the ladies out there | Trang Điểm Mặt

Trang Điểm Mặt

Cho khuôn mặt luôn rạng rỡ !!!

To all the ladies out there

To all the ladies out there, it’s time to #treatyoself!! Mother’s Day is around the corner and we are having these amazing specials starting the 13th-20th! Tell your significant others/spouses that this is what you want for your Mother’s Day!! And if your technically “not a mother”, no worries (and no such thing ), you still deserve some time to yourself. Call the salon directly, 856-241-4300, text, or p/m me for any details or for bookings. Don’t wait too long to call, spots are filling up. #tribecahairstudio #mothersday #facials #janmarini #blowouts #youknowthisisreallywhatyouwant #pampertime

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